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After finding traditional mechanisms for car buying such as PCP or Hire Purchase dated, expensive and inflexible. Cofounders Sebastien & Olivier were searching for a platform that offered them the tools to build the convenience and flexibility that mirrored services from other sectors, like the entertainment industry, that a new generation of consumers had come to expect.

Initially unable to find a platform to build their car subscription service on, they began developing their own, but progress was expensive and slow, so they pivoted to try and work with established providers. Again, the cost was prohibitive and the service levels unworkable. Eventually they were introduced to Tomorrow’s Journey and the JRNY platform.

“Now is the time of Netflix and Spotify but the car buying process felt completely out of place. To us it’s natural to just go online, subscribe, and get whatever product or service you need, even if it's a car. This is really when I was like, Okay, I want to do that”.

CEO - Mondaycar

Sebastien Louit


To reduce cost and launch the brand to the French market as quickly as possible MondayCar used JRNY Demand ‘out of the box’, enabling us to deploy a full solution including the features below in around 1 month.

· Automation of customer onboarding and verification checks

· Organisation of customer/booking/asset/documents details

· Online payment module

· Meeting localised market requirements such as lack of open banking legislation

· JRNY Demand offers MondayCar the foundation to expand into other regions

Take a look for yourself:

What Next?

After a successful launch MondayCar is on track to have a fleet of over 200 cars, by the end of the of the year and are aiming for 6000 by the end of 2023. Customers have been incredibly positive about the service, reflected in the lack of customer churn.

The company are now exploring new market segments, particularly a B2B offering and extending the service to new regions.

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MondayCar are a pioneering business in France, amongst the first services to offer the benefits of all-inclusive flexible approach to vehicle access to the market.

The project also featured a number of firsts for the Tomorrow’s Journey team as well, being the first out the box implementation of the JRNY platform, and the first French language version of the JRNY Demand app.

The JRNY platform has provided MondayCar the foundation to allow them to enter the market quickly, scale fast and proved JRNY as an affordable solution for start-up companies. We continue to support and extend their product as JRNY adds more functionality and their business expands to new regions.

Overall, the launch went well, it was a big project, launching was difficult but smooth. There were no crashes, everything needed was delivered on time. Overall the experience was very good, and a very fast launch time.

CEO - Mondaycar

Sebastien Louit

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