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Hosted by Chris Kirby, CEO of Tomorrow’s Journey, and Felix Page, news and features editor at Autocar, each episode will explore how some of the UK’s most disruptive companies are dramatically reshaping the automotive landscape.

Episode 0 - Launching Change Makers Podcast with Chris Kirby and Felix Page

Introducing the Autocar Change Makers Podcast, brought to you by Tomorrow's Journey. Join us on June 29th 2023, as we explore the dynamic automotive industry, one conversation at a time.

Ep. 1

The rise of Turo with Xavier Collins

Discover how Turo, the peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace, thrived during the pandemic and its similarities to Uber and Deliveroo. Xavier Collins, VP of Turo UK, shares valuable insights on the future of car-sharing, the rise of fleet operators, and the potential for dealerships.

Ep. 2

How SOGO is innovating flexible mobility with Karl Howkins

In episode two, we sit down with Karl Howkins, MD of SOGO, to discover how his monthly leasing mobility business changes the game for flexible usership and why human interaction is key to success against OEMs and dealerships.

Ep. 3

Episode 3: Oxana Grishina - How Hyundai is rethinking online car subscriptions with Mocean

In episode three, we sit down with Oxana Grishina, Head Future Retail and Transformation at Hyundai UK, to find out how Hyundai’s in-house car subscription service, Mocean, is shaping its retail strategies.

Ep. 4

Episode 4: Ramu Nair - How INVERS is making keyless car-sharing more secure

In episode four, we sit down with Ramu Nair, Head of Sales for INVERS, to find out how INVERS' car sharing platform is building a brighter future for accessible mobility, and how its keyless technology provides even better security for providers and users alike.

Ep. 5

Episode 5: Joseph Seal-Driver - London's big problem with Car Sharing

In episode five, we sit down with Joseph Seal-Driver, commercial director at Sustainable Ventures, to discuss his love for micro-mobility, the difference between ride-hailing and chauffeured services and London's big problem with car sharing.

Ep. 6

Episode 6: Toby Poston - The true cost of running an Electric Vehicle

Fleet and leasing expert Toby Poston reveals the hidden costs of EV maintenance

Ep. 7

Episode 7: Jordan Marie Brompton - Big EV Myths (and the rise of Myenergi)

How Myenergi’s products are changing the game for renewable power, and busting big EV myths.

Ep. 8

Episode 8: GRIDSERVE's amazing EV ecosystem

Industry scaremongering and GRIDSERVE's innovative Sun-to-Wheel ecosystem.

Ep. 9

Episode 9: Ben Boutcher-West - How Connected Kerb is rethinking on-street EV charging

discuss the fallout of the 2035 ICE ban pushback, the real-world effects of winter weather on electric vehicles and how Connected Kerb is rethinking on-street electric vehicle charging.

Ep. 10

Episode 10: Conor Horne - The future of Lotus

The wholesale versus agency model debate and the electrified future of Lotus Cars

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