Our Team

8 and growing fast...

Matthew Potts
Co-Founder & CTO

An experienced Lead Developer and Technical Architect Matt has worked for a number of large corporations on big infrastructure projects specialising in big data management

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Chris Kirby
Co-Founder & CEO

A respected thought leader in the emerging automotive mobility sector. Chris’ knowledge in Mobility is backed by 15 years of industry experience across the fleet, retail, finance and rental markets

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Nick James
Co-Founder & CMO

A Chartered Institute of Marketing qualified marketer who has worked on campaigns for some of the world’s largest automotive brands.

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Sian Gannon
Co-Founder & COO

A commercial lawyer working within the logistics industry, Siân is passionate about the way in which smart contracting will provide businesses with more flexible legal frameworks

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David Betteley

A recent global board member at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), David has chaired the FLA , run GM’s financial services arm in the UK and Europe, and was a Senior VP at Toyota Financial Services

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Darren Kearly
Sr Software Engineer

Darren is a senior development professional, experienced in utilising Agile project and development techniques.

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Joe Capocci
Jr Project Manager

Joe is a university graduate from the University of Liverpool and works on project management, UI design and marketing.

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Luke Potts  
Software Engineer

Luke is a talented software engineer who has worked at multiple tech companies since graduating from the University of Liverpool.

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