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Revolutionising Battery Safety and Performance: Metis Engineering's Innovative Sensor Technology

Metis Engineering Ltd, a pioneering company, has taken on this challenge and developed an innovative sensor technology that promises to revolutionise battery safety and performance.

Tony Parraman

Business Development Consultant
Metis Engineering Ltd.

Chris Kirby

CEO & Co-Founder
Tomorrow's Journey

Felix Page

News & Features Editor

Episode Overview

Battery technology plays a critical role in our modern lives, powering everything from electric vehicles to mobile devices. As the demand for sustainable energy solutions increases, so does the need for safer and more efficient battery systems. Metis Engineering Ltd, a pioneering company, has taken on this challenge and developed an innovative sensor technology that promises to revolutionise battery safety and performance.

In our interview with Tony from Metis Engineering, we gain valuable insights into the company's groundbreaking sensor technology. The conversation begins with the company's founder, Joe, who integrated a Jet Engine with a car and then moved on to electrify the world. To ensure battery safety and avoid potential accidents, Joe developed a sensor capable of detecting thermal runaway, a hazardous phenomenon that can lead to battery failure.

The sensor not only monitors thermal runaway but also tracks pressure changes within battery packs, offering an added layer of safety. Moreover, it can detect shock welding, providing crucial data to understand the impact of external forces on the battery pack. This feature proves invaluable in scenarios where battery packs are dropped or experience collisions.

Metis Engineering's sensor technology is designed for ease of deployment. It seamlessly integrates into battery packs as a plug-and-play system, complementing the traditional Battery Management Systems (BMS). While BMS focuses on voltage and technology, Metis Engineering's sensor addresses critical safety aspects, offering a comprehensive safety solution for battery packs.

Tony explains that the sensor's data is not only helpful for real-time analysis of battery performance but also extends its use and longevity. Battery owners can now push their packs a little further with confidence, knowing that the sensor will promptly detect any potential flaws or safety issues.

The applications of Metis Engineering's sensor technology are far-reaching. From electric vehicles to stationary energy storage systems, the sensor enhances safety and enables optimal battery management. One exciting application is in the used battery market. Potential buyers and dealers can now access vital data about a battery pack's history and condition, making informed decisions about their purchase.

The company's flexible design allows them to collaborate with battery manufacturers and pack manufacturers, ensuring seamless integration of their sensor technology. By working closely with the right partners, Metis Engineering has already established a growing customer base in the UK and beyond. This expanding network speaks volumes about the effectiveness and potential of their innovative sensor solution.

In the relentless pursuit of cleaner and sustainable energy solutions, Metis Engineering Ltd emerges as a game-changer with its cutting-edge sensor technology. By addressing critical safety concerns and providing valuable data for battery analysis, their sensors are setting new standards for battery pack management.

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular and renewable energy storage demands grow, Metis Engineering's sensor technology will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping a safer, more efficient, and sustainable future. Whether it's optimising battery performance, enhancing safety, or prolonging battery life, Metis Engineering's innovative sensor technology is a giant leap toward a greener tomorrow.

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