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Enhancing Battery Intelligence with Elysia: A Revolutionary Approach to Battery Management

Leveraging their decade-long experience, Elysia's primary goal is to make battery intelligence software accessible to the mass market. Let's delve deeper into the insights Joe shared and discover how Elysia is poised to transform the battery industry.

Joe Jones

Commercial Lead

Chris Kirby

CEO & Co-Founder
Tomorrow's Journey

Felix Page

News & Features Editor

Episode Overview

Batteries power the world around us, from our smartphones to electric vehicles and grid storage systems. As our reliance on batteries grows, so does the need for smarter and more efficient battery management solutions. In our interview with Joe Jones from Elysia, the battery intelligence software division of WAE, shed light on their groundbreaking approach to battery management.

Elysia is backed by WAE, known for its expertise in building batteries for high-performance applications, including Formula E, hyper cars, and mining trucks. Leveraging their decade-long experience, Elysia's primary goal is to make battery intelligence software accessible to the mass market. Joe emphasises that this software isn't limited to hyper car developers; instead, it aims to empower industries across the board.

Joe acknowledges that the world still lacks a comprehensive understanding of batteries. Despite the rapid advancements in battery technology, there remains a knowledge gap, hindering optimal battery performance and longevity. Elysia seeks to bridge this gap by providing valuable insights and solutions to battery-related challenges.

Elysia firmly believes in the transformative power of software when it comes to batteries. Joe highlights that through the application of software alone, batteries can experience significant improvements in life, safety, and overall performance. This is a game-changer for an array of industries relying on batteries, from electric vehicles to energy storage systems.

At the heart of Elysia's breakthrough approach lies the "Holistic Health Platform." This platform amalgamates various data inputs, such as standards and telematics, along with irregular electrical signals like voltages and temperatures. Through this sophisticated data analysis, Elysia can assess the current health of batteries and accurately predict their lifespan.

By understanding the factors contributing to battery degradation, users of Elysia's software gain valuable insights into their batteries' health. For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), car manufacturers, and fleet operators, this information is crucial in making informed decisions regarding battery deployment and usage. Optimising battery usage not only prolongs battery life but also enhances safety and performance.

Joe draws attention to an intriguing phenomenon that often plagues battery users - non-linear battery behaviour. He compares it to our smartphones, where batteries seemingly degrade at different rates despite similar usage patterns. Elysia's software offers clarity on this matter, uncovering the varied reasons behind battery degradation. From fast charging habits to usage intensity, understanding these nuances is paramount to maintaining battery health over time.

While AI is a significant component of Elysia's battery intelligence software, Joe stresses that it isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Alongside AI, a profound understanding of the fundamental physics and electrochemistry of batteries is essential for effective battery management. This combination allows Elysia's software to deliver results that go beyond superficial insights.

Elysia's innovative approach to battery intelligence presents a groundbreaking shift in battery management. With their holistic health platform, Elysia empowers industries to make informed decisions, prolong battery life, and optimise performance. By filling the knowledge gap surrounding batteries, Elysia's software is poised to revolutionise how we interact with battery-powered devices and vehicles. As battery technology continues to evolve, Elysia's contribution will undoubtedly shape a more sustainable and efficient future for the battery industry.

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