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What are the Pros and Cons of Car Subscription?

March 30, 2023
5 min read
Pros and Cons
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With the concept of Car Subscription gaining popularity, let us help you decide whether to subscribe to a car or purchase one.

In today’s modern world, where people are constantly on the move and many jobs require them to travel to different countries for short periods of time, car subscription is becoming increasingly popular.

If you’re torn between buying a car or subscribing to one - it might be helpful to find exactly what you're looking to get out of the vehicle. Questions like budget and the duration of need could help you make a more informed decision.

While car subscription allows you to have the comfort of having a personal vehicle without having to commit to a car for a long duration, it does come with its own upsides and downfalls that we will discuss in this article.

Below are the pros and cons of car subscription to help you decide whether to subscribe to a car or purchase one.


Budget friendly

Car subscription is the more budget-friendly way of having the comfort of a car in your garage without paying a hefty down payment, worrying about maintenance and servicing, and getting stuck in a long-term monthly repayment cycle. Subscribing to a car allows you to avoid all the expenses and worries that come with owning a vehicle. For many people, the single monthly payment that covers insurance, maintenance, registration, and other vehicle-related expenses can be very appealing.

You can choose a car that fits your monthly budget, and pay only for the period of time you intend to use that car. While buying a car can be a huge upfront investment, subscribing to one takes away the commitment of having to pay a large sum of money at once.

New car whenever you want

Since you don’t have to commit to your vehicle of choice for a long period, you can change your car easily whenever you feel like getting a newer model or a different car. The car arrives at your doorstep in good condition, and if you don’t like the car, you can easily have it returned or exchanged for a different model from the convenience of your home. With newer cars and higher-end models regularly coming to the market, car subscription makes it easier to upgrade your car quickly and easily without having to worry about selling your vehicle or any other additional expenses. If you’re a car lover always looking for the next new model, car subscription may be just what you’re looking for.

No worry about depreciation

It’s no secret that the resale value of a car you buy instantly drops the minute you drive it out of the dealership. Over time and with regular use, the value of the car depreciates even further. The industry average is a 15-18% decrease in value each year. Owning a car comes with other worries like keeping it well-maintained and servicing it regularly so that you can get a good value on it when and if you choose to sell it in the future. With car subscription, you get the freedom from depreciation so you can enjoy your vehicle while you have it, without having to worry about its resale value or its upkeep.

All-inclusive fees

Car subscription companies offer an all-inclusive fee which means you pay for what you get, for as long as you want it. Refueling is usually your only expenditure unless you go for an electronic vehicle, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs, insurance, or damages.

Some companies may ask for a refundable damage fee that you can reclaim when the car is returned in the same condition as it was when delivered.

Perfect for travelers

Car subscription can allow you to have the comfort of getting around new places without having to use public transport. This is especially useful if you are a frequent traveler, or your job requires you to move around a lot. Short-term subscriptions can help you navigate around new cities with ease. You can subscribe to a car for short durations wherever you go and enjoy the comfort of having the car of your choice at your disposal, quickly and affordably.

No long-term commitment

Buying a car is a long-term commitment. There are large down payments, monthly payments, documents and registration, insurance expenses, regular servicing and maintenance costs, not to mention the damages and repairs that you have to consider in the long run. If you intend to sell the car in the future, you have to stay on top of all of these expenses that come with owning a vehicle and keep the car in good condition. If you intend to travel around, you have to ensure that the car is being looked after. While ownership of a car is a commitment, car subscription takes away all of that worry so you can enjoy your vehicle for the duration of time you choose to have it.

Easy booking and support

Some of the best car subscription companies offer consumer services such as customer support, easy exchange and return policies, pickups and dropoffs at a location of your choosing, and more to make your experience as a client smooth and seamless. It’s really easy to book a vehicle quickly and you can use your phone or our laptop to quickly raise any complaints. You can also schedule a time that is convenient for you for any support that you may require.


While there are many benefits to car subscriptions, there are also some downfalls that you may need to consider before you take the leap.

No ownership of vehicle

The fact that when you subscribe to a vehicle, you don’t have ownership of the car can put some people off of the idea of car subscription. You have to be more aware of how you use the car as you may have to pay a damage fee for any small scratches and dents to the vehicle while the car is under your care, although some providers offer damage waivers similar to rentals. You also have to plan long trips in advance as many companies have a mileage cap on their cars, although this is the same in most traditional leasing arrangements.

No modifications

Since you don’t own the vehicle, you can’t make any permanent modifications to the car, however small they may be, such as changing the interior seats, paint jobs, adding a stereo, and more. You may have to find a car to subscribe to that already has the specific modifications you’re looking for. While many car subscription companies offer a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, it can be hard to find a car with the exact features you’re interested in.

Mileage cap

Many companies have a monthly mileage cap on their subscription packages. This means you tell the provider up front how many miles each month you expect to travel. This works great if you plan to use the vehicle for your day-to-day trips but if you use your car often for unexpected long trips you may end up with an excess mileage bill when you give the car back. It is worth mentioning though that monthly mileage also applies to most leasing arrangements so many will already be familiar with this.


If you’re interested in a very specific model or car, you may have to spend some time doing your research and scrolling through all the cars that different companies are offering.

Most companies offer a variety of different cars and models, but you may have to make compromises in terms of the model, colour or any other smaller modifications you may be interested in based on the availability.

Damage covers

Many companies require you to pay a refundable damage fee upfront that can often be quite high, depending on the company you’re subscribing from. You have to pay for any damages, however small, such as scratches and dents out of that refundable amount upon inspection when you return the vehicle. You have to be more aware of how you treat the car as damages may lead to you losing the amount you’ve paid.

To conclude,

For lots of people these days, it seems the benefits of car subscription outweigh the downfalls, but it isn’t for everyone. If you’re considering buying a new car or subscribing to one, it’s a good idea to consider all the benefits and disadvantages of both. Ask yourself questions like why you need the car or how long you need to use that car for, how much you intend to drive it, whether you want to be able to take it on long road trips, or if you might be moving any time soon. Knowing what you’re looking for in your car can help you make a more informed decision about which might be the better option for you based on your preferences and needs.

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