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Introducing The Ledger Module: Offering Advanced Accounting Capabilities

November 21, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobility solutions, Tomorrow’s Journey continues to push the boundaries of their system with the introduction of their latest enhancement feature on its JRNY platform called The Ledger Module. This latest addition transforms the back-end operations software into a comprehensive accounting system, allowing clients to seamlessly manage and monitor four levels of live transactions: Overall, Accounts, Bookings, and Transactions.

Breaking Down The Ledger Module Feature

1. Overall:

Clients can check their debits, credits, and total balances at an overview level across all their consumers so that the client can view the financial health of their business at a general level.

2. Accounts:

Basic Transaction Information: Clients can now access consolidated view balances rolled up at the account level. This level provides a quick and easy overview of the total balance at the customer level and monitors financial details at a basic level.

3. Booking:

Debt and Credit Monitoring: Dive deeper into customer transactions with the Booking level, enabling the tracking of debts and credits associated with individual customers. This enhances financial transparency and aids in effective financial management.

4. Transactions:

Detailed Customer Transaction Information: The Transactions level offers a granular view, providing detailed information about customers, including past and future transaction dates. Clients can effortlessly manage and monitor the money owed, empowering them with comprehensive insights.

Addressing Key Challenges:

The Ledger Module feature addresses various challenges faced by our clients, ensuring a seamless accounting experience within the JRNY platform:

Transaction History:

Ledger ensures a consolidated record of all customer transactions, eliminating the need for external accounting tools.


Integrated with popular payment gateways Mollie and Stripe, Ledger supports diverse transaction methods.

Amount Owed Visibility:

Clients can easily view the amount owed by customers, facilitating efficient financial tracking.

Offline Payments:

Ledger introduces the capability to add offline payments, accommodating diverse payment methods and enhancing flexibility.

Add charges:

The module can easily add in-life charges against a booking such as tolls, fines, damage etc. You can add a charge for immediate payment or schedule a charge for the future.

Payment Method Updates:

Clients can effortlessly update payment methods, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial information.


Ledger enables the streamlined creation and sending of invoices to customers, providing a professional and efficient billing process.

Benefits of The Ledger Module

With The Ledger Module, Tomorrow’s Journey's JRNY platform continues to evolve, delivering not just a mobility solution but a comprehensive ecosystem that caters to the exact market needs of its clients.

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