Case Study
Building a brand new car subscription product in the UAE, and creating a new revenue stream for the country’s largest rental fleet.

Project Overview

The project aimed to tackle the challenges of developing a more flexible rental or subscription offering to meet the specific needs of Dubai's large expat market. The implementation of this comprehensive back office solution significantly enhanced Al-Futtaim's operational capabilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient management system that positively impacted their business performance.

Why was JRNY needed?


A summary of what happened for our customer as a result of the JRNY platform implementation.

3 months

Developed and deployed an automated platform within three months, providing end-to-end solutions that replaced various manual processes.



Increased the fleet size by 460% within 1 year, expanding the operational capacity and service reach.


19 Integrations

Implemented fully automated driving licence and Emirates ID checks, integrating with third-party services like Veriff and UAE Pass for seamless verification processes.


”We chose to implement the JRNY platform to allow us to launch subscription quickly with tested technology, the TJ team delivered on this and helped make the launch a success”

Sebastian Picon, Operations Director, Al Futtaim

"Al-Futtaim's ability to adapt to evolving customer demands while digitising legacy operational processes has enabled them to solidify their industry leadership."

Matt Potts, CTO, Tomorrow's Journey


JRNY platform enabled scalable operations for Al-Futtaim, subsequently increasing transactions and fleet size within a year. Seamless integration with third parties replaced legacy paper based systems, optimising efficiency and customer satisfaction.



In early 2021 we built bp, an electric vehicle subscription service including charging designed for professional ride-hail drivers.


SOGO used the JRNY platform to revolutionise their company car offering.

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