Case Study
A fully automated and completely digital test drive experience for Hyundai UK's EV fleet.

Project Overview

Hyundai UK used the JRNY Platform to create a customised test drive product for its electric vehicle fleet. This central system enables all Hyundai dealers in the UK to effortlessly receive test drive bookings and promote new models, eliminating the need for paperwork. The result is a streamlined and efficient solution that enhances the overall test drive experience for both the customers and the dealers.

Why was JRNY needed?


A summary of what happened for our customer as a result of the JRNY platform implementation.


Hyundai UK offers an enhanced test drive experience with a 4-step booking process, prioritising customer convenience and satisfaction.



Retailers have convenient access to the back-office for fleet management, including reviewing availability and bookings.



The back-office is accessible to sales and business teams to review demonstrator fleet compliance and utilisation.


"Tomorrow's Journey have helped us to digitise our test drive process, providing our potential EV customers with better access to our vehicles, helping us sell more cars."

Nick Tunnell, Transformation Director

“Working with the Hyundai team on this project has been a very exciting journey, as Hyundai is committed to exploring new ways to enhance the customer experience with electric vehicles, while also looking for creative solutions around process constraints”

Yakshi Shode, Head of Product, Tomorrow's Journey


Tomorrow's Journey has introduced a fully automated customer journey system for extended test drives. Hyundai's UK national dealer network has adopted the system to increase EV adoption among first-time buyers. The system has been rolled out to 159 dealers nationwide, promoting quick, convenient and safe test drive experiences.



In early 2021 we built bp, an electric vehicle subscription service including charging designed for professional ride-hail drivers.


SOGO used the JRNY platform to revolutionise their company car offering.

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