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What is EZOO Car Subscription?

April 17, 2023
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Car Subscription
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Drive the Future: Learn About EZOO's Hassle-Free and sustainable Car Subscription Service

What is car subscription?

In an increasingly dynamic and mobile world, cars must be able to move with us both in location and use. Conventional car ownership has become a burden rather than a benefit, and it is one of the last remaining big industries still considered primarily analog and thus unfit for modern life requirements. Car subscription offers a supremely flexible alternative that includes all the benefits and upsides of owning a car without the associated risks, high costs, and long-term commitment. Fewer people stay in one place—we should be able to use a Volkswagen Up! when zipping around the city and a long-range Tesla for family trips to the Lake District. Car subscription removes the need to look for other solutions whenever your own car does not meet your current needs.

How does car subscription work?

Car subscription works in the same way as your other subscriptions do. You pay a flat monthly fee which grants you access to the vehicle, which can then be used as you please within the terms of your contract. The process is simple, effective, and completely transparent. The car is either collected or delivered to the postcode you provide, usually at a flat fee or charged per mile from its garage to you. A simple handover will be completed and you are then free to enjoy your car in any way you wish. You may wish to renew your subscription with the same vehicle, upgrade it with another model, or edit and add any extras to your journey. Should there be a problem with your car, have it quickly and painlessly replaced. Not sure if you need a car for the next couple of months? Terminate your subscription and come back and sign up for a new car when you need it.

Car subscriptions can be tailored to your life—perhaps you only need a car for three months when your job requires it, or maybe you like to spend five months of the year in Spain. A car subscription removes the need to pay for your car when it is not in use. It truly is the better alternative to car ownership.

Car subscription market trends and climate factors

The demand for traditional car ownership is declining as it is transitioning from a necessary and liberating commodity to a restrictive part of our lives. The aspect of car ownership as a status marker has also primarily dissipated in the European market. However, it remains so in others—for now. >100.000 car subscriptions were signed in the EU-5 in 2020, and market research estimates that up to 4 million new subscriptions will be signed by 2030. In major European markets, car subscription providers have risen by 70% from 2021-2022.

Car subscription is also fast becoming a suitable mobility alternative as EU nations are seeking to meet targets on climate measures. Earlier this year, the European Parliament voted to ban the sale of new combustion engine cars by 2035 to deliver on their plans to cut emissions by 55% from 1990-levels by 2030. Combustion engines currently make up approximately 12% of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. Individuals also care about the climate and often wish to decrease car usage, and car subscriptions will make it easier for people to access and test-drive electric cars. As well as facilitating an expansion of the global EV fleet, car subscription allows vehicles to be used by successive customers with little stationary time. This higher utilisation will ultimately lead to fewer vehicles clogging our roads.

What is EZOO car subscription?

When Lash and Charnjit Saranna established Electric Zoo in 2018, they had already spent three successful decades in the automotive industry. Following the achievement of building Europe's largest Porsche centre, they decided to turn their attention to the future; electric power. The Sarannas want drivers to switch from combustion to electric vehicles, so they set up their Pay As You Go Electric business with the aim that it should be as easy as signing up for a TV subscription. All the paperwork is done by the EZOO team, which saves you from long waiting times and the annoying processes that come with ownership.

As one of the pioneering car subscription services in the UK, EZOO’s goal is for customers to sign up for their car in three easy steps: Choose your car. Choose the terms. Click and collect. The experience is supremely hassle-free: with an entirely online showroom, you can finish subscribing to your electric car in as little as three minutes, and the service includes the cost of insurance, maintenance, and road tax. With models ranging from Renault Zoes to Teslas, EZOO can provide a car subscription service that allows for both zipping around the city or covering large distances in the countryside. Lastly, regardless of whichever need your car must cover, EZOO will be on hand to support you throughout your journey.

What car models does EZOO have on subscription?

EZOO has a large and ever-expanding fleet of vehicles. For short-distance driving, like running errands in the city or commuting, models like the Renault Zoe, Volkswagen e-up, or the Mini Electric Cooper S might be the right fit:

If you need to go on longer trips or require more space, the Hyundai Kona or an Audi Q4 e-tron might be the right models for you:

If you want the smoothest ride and the best range, EZOO stocks four Teslas with a battery capacity of 270-300 miles per charge:

Tesla Model 3 (Long Range and Performance), Tesla Model Y (Long Range), and Tesla Model X.

How to subscribe to a car with EZOO

The booking process is designed to be quick and painless if you meet the following criteria:

· You are 25+ years old with a minimum of two years of driving experience

· You are 30+ years old with a minimum of three years of driving experience for Teslas

· You have a full UK/EU Driver's Licence (no old paper licences - only the new plastic licences are valid)

· Valid for at least one year

· No more than six points in the last three years

· Not banned from driving in the past five years

· Not more than one fault claim in the previous three years

· For non-UK/EU licenses, we will need to carry out a separate check which will be handled by the EZOO team

· UK resident for at least one year

· EZOO will also run a background check on your affordability which will not affect your credit score. When submitting your information, you must give details of your primary bank account. Otherwise, the checker may automatically reject your application.

Choose your package - this is the subscription start date, the monthly mileage, and the subscription duration. Then you will be prompted to start the credit check which will conduct a soft search on you - this will not affect your credit score. Please make the payment, then either collect the car or have it delivered to your address. There is a small delivery charge of £1.80 per mile from the Coventry or Glasgow offices. You are then free to enjoy your electric car for the duration of your subscription period with the added safety of a dedicated support team ready to assist you at any turn.

EZOO has also recently launched its business offer. Are you a small or medium-sized business in need of a flexible fleet option? Have a look at EZOO Business.

Car subscription summarised

There are many benefits to owning a car, but as most drivers know, taking the plunge requires weighing up the good against the bad. Whether it is a nice-to-have or very necessary, it also comes with multiple downsides as mentioned in this article. Car subscription has emerged in the mobility world as the solution. Never again worry about paperwork, long waiting times, high costs, surprise costs, depreciation, non-transparent processes, or paying great monthly sums for a car that is standing unused in the driveway. Hand in your car with an issue and be provided with a replacement. Switch from a city car to a holiday car when needs must.

Car subscription is here to become the new norm.

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