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Revolutionising e-scooters with Oscar Morgan

Bo, a UK-based electric scooter company, revolutionizes urban mobility with automotive DNA. Founded by automotive experts, Bo's innovative approach delivers exceptional quality and performance. Their subscription model allows potential customers to explore scooters' features, making urban transportation practical and cherished.

Oscar Morgan

CEO & Co-Founder
Bo Mobility

Chris Kirby

CEO & Co-Founder
Tomorrow's Journey

Felix Page

News & Features Editor

Episode Overview

Electric scooters have become a popular mode of transportation in many cities worldwide, offering a convenient and eco-friendly way to navigate urban areas. However, despite their rising popularity, scooters still appeal to only a small fraction of the population. Bo, a UK-based electric scooter company, aims to change that by leveraging their background in the automotive industry and introducing a unique approach to scooter design.

Founded by individuals with experience in prominent automotive companies like Williams Advanced Engineering (a subsidiary of the Formula One team) and Jaguar Land Rover, Bo brings a deep passion for cars and a wealth of automotive expertise to electric scooters. They believe that by applying their automotive knowledge to scooter development, they can create a product that appeals to a broader audience.

One of the key questions Bo asks themselves is how to make scooters appealing to the other 98% of the population familiar with cars and automotive technology. They recognise that designing a scooter that seamlessly integrates into people's daily lives is the key to achieving this. It's not just about offering a means of transportation; it's about providing a practical, cherished, and regularly used vehicle that fits into their routines, whether commuting to work or running errands.

What sets Bo's scooters apart from the rest of the market is the careful consideration of their functions and features. Unlike traditional scooters, Bo's approach focuses on providing a fundamentally different experience. By infusing their scooters with automotive DNA, they aim to deliver quality, performance, and functionality that exceeds expectations.

The progress made by Bo is also worth noting. After six months of relentless production engineering, the company is gearing up for the first customer deliveries. The recent production-specification chassis from the assembly line signals a significant milestone in their journey. In just a few weeks, customers will finally experience the result of Bo's dedication and hard work.

But it doesn't stop there. Bo has also recognized the power of subscription models in making their scooters accessible to a wider range of consumers. Understanding that people may be hesitant to commit long-term without fully experiencing the product, they view subscriptions as an incredible opportunity. Through subscriptions, potential customers can try out the scooters for a limited period, exploring how they fit into their lives and discovering the new functionalities they offer. This approach caters to scooter enthusiasts and individuals who have never considered using a scooter.

While funding the subscription program poses challenges for a startup, Bo firmly believes that it will play a significant role in how people embrace their scooters and gain access to their innovative products. By providing lower-cost entry points and flexible options, they hope to remove barriers and allow more people to explore the world of electric scooters.

The team at Bo is excited to see how their innovative approach to electric scooters will shape the industry. With a deep-rooted passion for cars and a vision to transform how people perceive scooters, they are set to revolutionise urban mobility. Keep an eye out for Bo's scooters as they make their way to the streets, offering a practical and cherished mode of transportation that seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.

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