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Hosted by Chris Kirby, CEO of Tomorrow’s Journey, and Felix Page, news and features editor at Autocar, each episode will explore how some of the UK’s most disruptive companies are dramatically reshaping the automotive landscape.

Episode 0 - Launching Change Makers Podcast with Chris Kirby and Felix Page

Introducing the Autocar Change Makers Podcast, brought to you by Tomorrow's Journey. Join us on June 29th 2023, as we explore the dynamic automotive industry, one conversation at a time.

MOVE Special

StoreDot's Game-Changing Battery Technology: Powering the Future of Electric Vehicles

With the ability to charge up to 100 miles (160 kilometres) in just five minutes, StoreDot's battery promises a seamless and efficient charging experience for EV owners.

MOVE Special

Hyundai's Mocean: Redefining Mobility through Subscription Services

Yogev highlights how Mocean subscription is not just about providing access to a car; it goes beyond that. The service is designed to accommodate how users prefer to subscribe, access vehicles, and move around.

MOVE Special

Unveiling the Future of Mobility: Insights from Industry Expert Mike

Mike touched upon a crucial aspect driving the future of mobility: reducing friction in the car industry. This refers to streamlining processes, improving user experiences, and eliminating pain points for customers.

MOVE Special

Revolutionising Battery Safety and Performance: Metis Engineering's Innovative Sensor Technology

Metis Engineering Ltd, a pioneering company, has taken on this challenge and developed an innovative sensor technology that promises to revolutionise battery safety and performance.

MOVE Special

Karfu: Your One-Stop Mobility Comparison Platform for Informed Choices

By utilising a comprehensive database and cutting-edge technology, Karfu simplifies the process of choosing the perfect mode of transportation.

MOVE Special

Revolutionising Mobility: Smartcar's API Connects You to a World of Possibilities

By bridging the gap between major car brands and app developers, Smartcar has unlocked a world of possibilities for enhancing the driving experience.

MOVE Special

Casi: Revolutionising Car Ownership with Subscription Services

One innovative solution that is gaining traction is car subscription services. In this blog, we'll delve into the fascinating interview with Jordan, a representative from Casi, a car subscription as a service company.

MOVE Special

Enhancing Battery Intelligence with Elysia: A Revolutionary Approach to Battery Management

Leveraging their decade-long experience, Elysia's primary goal is to make battery intelligence software accessible to the mass market. Let's delve deeper into the insights Joe shared and discover how Elysia is poised to transform the battery industry.

MOVE Special

Enhancing Mobility and Mitigating Risk: The SambaSafety Advantage

In this blog, we delve into an enlightening interview with Charles, shedding light on the core values, services, and impact of SambaSafety in the mobility space.

MOVE Special

Kleanbus: Transforming Buses for a Greener Future

In this interview, we'll delve into the insightful interview with Joe, the driving force behind Kleanbus, and explore the remarkable impacts of their eco-friendly mission.

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