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Introducing The Events Module

April 23, 2024

Events Module: Elevating the JRNY Platform's Capabilities for Mobility Event Management

We at Tomorrow’s Journey are expanding our capabilities of the JRNY platform with The Events Module, an advanced feature designed to manage and promote pop-up or promotional vehicle events effectively for test drives and vehicle showcases. This addition underlines the platform's role as a multi-layered, configurable, and scalable mobility solution tailored to meet precise market needs.

Features of The Events Module:

Dedicated Event Pages:

Clients can create special pages for each event, listing only the vehicles available. These pages are shareable through public or private links, perfect for either pop-up or exclusive roadshows.

Vehicle Allocation and Management:

This module allows vehicles to be allocated to specific events for a set period, during which these vehicles will be unavailable for regular bookings, preventing double booking and reserving them exclusively for event attendees.

Integrated Promotion Tools:

Clients can leverage integrated tools to promote their events on social media and digital marketing channels, driving attention and participation through direct links to event pages.

Automation for Efficiency:

Event creation triggers automatic scheduling of vehicle maintenance and blocks these vehicles from other bookings. It includes automated customer KYC for rapid eligibility checks, and facilitating more test drives during events.

Proven Impact:

Since its introduction, The Events Module has significantly increased the frequency of promotional events, such as those run by GRIDSERVE in the UK, they saw an 8x increase in the events that they conducted, showcasing its effectiveness in enhancing event management and vehicle promotion.

Core Benefits:

Event-Specific Management:

Streamlines the organisation of roadshows and pop-up events.

Mini Fleet:

Creation of a mini-fleet for events, which showcases availability dates and facilitates direct customer interaction.

Exclusive Event Pages:

Focuses customer attention on vehicles available specifically for events.

Efficient Booking System:

Maintains the integrity of vehicle booking, preventing double bookings.

Enhanced Promotional Reach:

Integrates easily with existing marketing strategies to enhance event visibility.


With The Events Module, we at Tomorrow’s Journey are helping our clients streamline their process with the JRNY platform, making it easy for the client’s customers to access the vehicle at a special location and manage special events. We fulfil the needs of our clients by redefining how mobility services engage.

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Dan Kirby
Commercial Director

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