Drive Growth from your Rental Fleet with Car Subscriptions

Drive Growth with Car Subscriptions and Tomorrow's Journey

The rental landscape is evolving. Younger customers crave flexibility and convenience, and car subscriptions offer the perfect solution. But how do you seamlessly integrate this new model into your existing business?Top players like Hertz, SIXT, and Al-Futtaim are already winning with car subscriptions. They've discovered a new revenue stream, increased customer loyalty, and expanded their reach. Are you ready to join them?

Why add car subscriptions to your rental business?

Customer focus:

Diversify your income

Tap into a growing market and stabilise your business with a consistent, predictable revenue stream.

Increase your customer lifetime value

Car subscriptions create a steady stream of predictable income, creating opportunities for up-sells like additional services, insurance, or upgrades.

Expand your customer base

Attract new demographics, including younger customers and those seeking long-term solutions.

Operational focus:

Increase utilisation

Reduce idle time, minimise maintenance costs, and maximise profitability with better utilisation.

Generate more revenue from your assets

Adapt to changing mobility trends and offer the flexibility of today's customer demand.

Increase vehicle lifetime value

Ability to hold a vehicle for longer and reduce residual value risk.

Expanding Your Reach: How Car Subscriptions Can Benefit Your Rental Company

Adding a car subscription service to your rental company can be a powerful growth strategy. It allows you to reach new customers without undermining your existing rental business. This is because subscription services cater to distinct needs compared to traditional rentals.

Tomorrow's Journey's Car Subscription Platform makes it easier than ever

Tomorrow's Journey's JRNY platform

Empowers you to launch your car subscription service quickly and seamlessly, with a team as small as 2 or 3 people who can run the model.

Fast implementation

Get up and running in just 2-3 months, compared to competitors' lengthy processes.

Fully Automated

From booking to monitoring, everything is digital, minimising manual work and errors.

Proven track record

Trusted by industry leaders like Hyundai and GRIDSERVE

Seamless Integration

Connect with third-party services for a smooth customer experience.

Simplify your process with online bookings, digital agreements.

We go beyond software

Expert guidance

Our team with a collective 100+  years of experience works with you to tailor the platform to your specific needs.

Ongoing support

We're here to help you every step of the way, from implementation to optimisation.