A configurable software suite that creates digital customer experiences to support any mobility business model.

Manage consumer interactions and onboarding with JRNY demand

Configured to match your business's exact requirements and branding, JRNY Demand is a flexible modular design that can be configured to match the customer journey you want without time-consuming custom development and expense.


01. Promotional Landing Page

Inform customer on benefits of subscription vs pcp and how the buying process works.


02. Digital Vehicle Showroom

Create a custom vehicle showroom for your fleet with comprehensivefiltering & sort functions.


03. Pricing & Insurance

Flexable pricing allowing you to charge from hourly to monthly.In addition to dynamic insurance pricing.

04. Account Creation & In life App

Yor customer can view an update account information at ease.

05. Licence & ID Verification

Streamline your operations with automated fraud checks, ID verification,and document capture.

06. Automated Credit Checks

Make faster decisions, increase acceptances and reduce risk with our open banking based credit check solution.

07. Email & SMS Communications

Communications to help the customer understand the approvaland delivery process.

08. Payments

Integrated payment system tailored to your business needs.

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